WendyWLDH2 Wendy is the resident locomotive of the Thorpe Light Railway and for many years, was the workhorse of the railway.

Built in 1972, parts such as the bogies and frames were made at Consett and supplied by Raymond Dunn to Coleby-Simkins who built the body and assembled the locomotive. It is a bogie locomotive, with chain drive to the back bogie, and fitted with a BMC diesel engine and mechanical gearbox.

In the railways steam days, Wendy tended to operate on quieter days plus the last train on busy days. Once steam left, it was the main – and usually sole – locomotive on the railway.

Last used in 2008, the locomotive is now in store ready for extensive restoration including engine service, repaint and replacement parts.Progress of Wendy’s restoration will be posted on the Latest News and noted on this page.