On Sunday June 28th we will hold our first open day for members of the public. Details of the event can be seen on the event page.

In June members finished of our new bridge, the bridge has redone during May and June. We began by removing old sleepers which had rotted away over time. The next area was to dig out foundations of the new bridge which would be made of metal.

A new drainage channel was dug out to make the water run away faster. The bridge then was placed into place. The track was then secured back onto the new bridge and test were taken to make sure everything was okay.


Work continues on our tunnel on the railway, the tunnel has had so much done to it. Our next stages are too put the roof on. This will make it look like a tunnel. A tunnel is dark and scary and that is what we want to make it. Work will continue on the tunnel. Our working party on June 6th saw a good start to the roof.

2015-06-06 16.56.33(1)

Drainage is still a problem at Thorpe Light Railway, we work so hard to clear all the channels and as soon as we finish we have to head back to the start line to restart the job. It can be a pain however these are the simple tasks which have to take place on the railway.

As the summer starts to approach the railway is starting to flower and make the area look beautiful, the smells are amazing, the sounds of birds and the river flowing makes the whole place seem amazing.


We hope you will come and visit Thorpe Light Railway on Sunday 28th for our open day, a small charge for a train ride however how about you become a friend of the group for 15 pounds, or join our 100 plus group?